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A 4.4BSD-based operating system. Currently, I am doing all development on a NetBSD 5.0.2 system. Hopefully, we will have our own Kernel soon. I will be petitioning Wind River to let us use theirs. In the meantime, NetBSD will do. The 4.4BSD kernel for i386 is ancient, as is the 386BSD patchset which was a direct result of it. Hence, we will need to standardize on BSD/OS (Wind River), Mach, or NetBSD/OpenBSD kernel. Imported and Contrib software are listed below; see the link below to look at current source code.

This project aims to do several things. First and foremost, it aims to continue development of Berkeley System Distribution code, while preserving all features and minimizing bugs. This means working closely with developers from other BSD systems (such as NetBSD) and sharing code whenever necessary. Second, this project intends to keep an all-inclusive package repository with Debian build compatibility and security updates. This will allow server administrators to keep constant OS security updates without resources being wasted on recompiling the entire system every time, followed by downtime due to reboot. Third, this project will have a clean and stable BSD kernel.. Considering that from BSD/OS if Wind River can be convinced. Finally, this project aims to preserve the intention of efforts like pkgsrc ( and other BSD ports trees by allowing dpkg-buildpackage to have customizable dependencies at build-time (such as PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS on NetBSD or USE on Gentoo).

Accomplishing these goals will not be easy, but it will allow us to create a class of servers with stable kernels, 0 downtime, no wasted system resources due to compiling security updates, compatibility with the most advanced packaging and build system on earth, customizable package builds at system admin's discretion, and most importantly: an always up-to-date system with minimal security holes.


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